Friday, October 30, 2009


taken with my blackberry (quality not so great)

Just a little bit of what is going on with the Page family:

Hi, I'm Charlie's mom. Mom of one of the most spectacular kids on this earth. Tonight he was honored at a neighborhood high school game. He was honored for leadership skills and taking care of business so far this year. I'm so proud of him! He was his school's representative. Sometimes, I step back and say two things "Stop growing up please" and "Hey, I am helping raising you? Seriously? Man, you're awesome despite me! woot!". I'm incredibly proud of him and he never ceases to amaze me. I thank God he is our son!

It was a blast seeing him go out on the field and be introduced with his dad. Zoe and maddy didn't like having to sit in the stands where it was cold and Zoe didn't like sitting still. Maddy kept complaining of her butt being cold, loudly! But we stayed for a little bit and watched a bit of the game. Go Rams!

Maddyism: "Feel my rash (instead of wrath)"

Tomorrow is Halloween and we will take the kids trick/treating and then back to the house for scary movies and candy (Maddy will not be watching scary movies). It's become a tradition that Charlie's friends stay the night too. We rented 28 days later, should scare them pretty good. MUHAHAHAH!!!

That is about it, we have tons of things coming up and I hope to write more then! Come back!


  1. " of the most spectacular kids on this earth."

    Have to agree.

  2. I agree, Charlie is pretty dang awesome. :)