Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eat This...NOT THAT!

Yesterday I left my home to embark a new way of shopping. I left at 9:00 pm and did not get hone until midnight. Two hours of grocery shopping. You are probably wondering why it took so long...

You may not know but Dave (my hot hubby) has lost over 40 lbs and I have lost 30. We did this with a mix of exercise and the South Beach Diet. So, now that we are used to eating small meals and watching not only calories but what we eat we have moved on to a new system.

We are using the Eat This Not That books, written by David Zinczenko ( So far we have bought The Supermarket Survival Guide and The No Diet Weight Loss Solution. We plan on buying the one for kids next. We purchased these at Target but can be purchased at as well.

These books are great, they do exactly what I love. They do the work of looking at labels and giving clear direction. In the books they have vibrant pictures of products so that they are easily found at the store or a restaurant and are separated by easy to find sections and categories. Such as, the frozen foods are separated by meatless, chicken and beef. While these are easy to look at and find products if you are not used to shopping this way it does take some time, I anticipate it getting easier as I learn what we can and can not eat.

The other feature I like about these books is that David Zinczenko give you the reasons why certain foods are eat worthy and why others are not. Also, there are lists of the perfect pantry, the perfect freezer and the perfect fridge. These give a clear view of what a healthy kitchen looks like and it just makes it so easy.

The only draw back I found was some products are found only at "specialty" grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Central Market and Sprouts. There were 2 things on my list I couldn't buy at Walmart. That is pretty good!

You also maybe thinking that this a way more expensive way to eat. Really, I spent less than I normally do. The reason being is that when you a less fatty, less carb intensive diet and you generally eat less you need less. Self control is key here and listening to your body. I also have the kids on an eating schedule if we are home. They eat like we do, 6-7 small meals a day. I do not allow them to eat out of boredom or thirst. I make sure they stay hydrated and eat only because they need fuel.

I hope you give these books a try if you are interested in discussing them post a comment. Also, if you do use them let me know some fun tips!

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