Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a week! (And it isn't even over yet!)

(Little Charlie)

This week Charlie headed to sleep-away camp with our preteen youth group. I believe this is last year to go. While at camp he turned 12. This was our first birthday apart from him. We were super sad, but thankful he was with a group of people who loved him. He comes home tomorrow (July 10th) and I am so happy! Our life is not meant to be without him. I am aware that college is only 6 little years away but I try not to think about it.

Also this week, Maddy started a little day camp with our city's parks and recreation. She had a rough start. She really has to test the person in charge first before she shows how sweet and fun she can be. Poor thing spent Monday and Tuesday grounded. Wednesday was another story, she was 100% better. Once she realized we were on the teacher's side and that she had to obey the rules, things got better. We are trying to teach her that it takes more effort to behave badly then to actually do right. Praying has helped too, I give God the credit for wisdom.

Side Note: You are probably wondering what the story is with the blog header. One day Maddy said to me "Mom, I have been praying for a DS and some games" (while we don't really encourage praying for items, I thought it was neat that she would tell God the desires of her heart) so I said "That is great Maddy, maybe God will help you will get them someday" to which she replied "Mom, I didn't mean God I meant SANTA!!" I got a good chuckle from that and said "Sweetie we don't pray to Santa." I am thinking we may have to come clean on that. Also, that is Zoe's first taste of cake, yummy yummy!

As far as mommy news is concerned I signed up to become a turbo kickboxing instructor this week. I take the course and the test July 25th. I will blog about my experience. I'm sure it will be humorous. Anyways, I figure I might as well get paid for being at the gym everyday right?!

I also enrolled in college this week! I'm super excited! I never went. Partly because I was a mess in high school and also academics have not come easy to me due to the fact I have two major learning differences (ADDHD and Dyslexia). I have to take a placement test since test scores from 1995 are not valid anymore, where does time go?! Me and Dave will take turns pursuing a degree. I have not decided what mine will be, but I am thinking social work or business. I still have to work full time but I am hoping to take some course work online.

Let me think, anything else exciting going on?....Is that not enough? My goodness God is so good to make life so interesting and fun! I am so glad to have good friends and a great family to share it with! We are blessed.

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