Friday, June 19, 2009

And I thought I was a crazy mom...

Yesterday was hot, it was close to 100 here in Texas. I truly believe that tempers flare here in Texas when you are hot and kids are home all day.

I was driving in my car yesterday afternoon when Charlie (our 12 year old son) called very upset and crying. Which, by the way, doesn't happen very easily when your 12 and a boy. Anyways, he had just come home from a friends house where the mom had cussed him out and told him to go home.

I immediately got off the phone with him and called the mom. I tried to have a tone of "no big deal, this is probably not true" so that she would tell me the real deal. Well to make a long story short Charlie had done a very minor annoying thing (splashed her 4 year old with water) and she was inside the house. She went outside, cussed Charlie and he left. I made it clear he would never go to her house and that she was abusive. The Lord planned this out right. I had both girls with me. I had to keep my cool and fight off thoughts of driving to her house and having it out with her.

You know what really hurts? I had a feeling about this lady but blew it off. Friends, trust your instincts. The Holy Spirit had prompted me and I didn't head its warning. Never again. If you know Charlie you know his sweet spirit, you know his kindness to small children and you know that he would rather die than to disrespect someone at their house. He got a lesson in how cruel adults can be yesterday and that was a lesson I never intended him to learn. I know the faults of my kids and I am not one to say they are perfect angels that can do no wrong. But he didn't deserve that. No child ever deserves that.

I'm trying to pray for her. Something isn't right. It is hard to feel compassion for her. Honestly.

Moving on...I am taking a half a day today to clean house. Tomorrow is Zoe's birthday party. She turned 1 yesterday. What a sweet sweet baby. (Who incidentally loves her big brother with all her heart). We are having some grandparents over, my sister and her friend. It will be so sweet and fun.

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